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An aspiring model wants to make her breakthrough in the fashion industry and hire a professional photographer to achieve this. Her goal is to have ten shots diverse enough to ease the way into the industry. They meet in a photo studio in Paris and start working together on this. The first couple of shots are ok, but the photographer feels that she can do more. He asks her to be free and wild while playing with the camera. This escalates, and each picture becomes better than the previous. When the time comes for the last picture, the model has different plans in mind than the photographer, and while working on it, she takes matters into her own hands. From this point on, we get to see her successful ascending in the industry.

’10 Photographs’ stands out for three reasons: Margaux Lakdar’s performance as the aspiring model is intense, and by being intense, it gives her time to shine. She is the ultimate transformation from the shy girl with very little knowledge of what will come next to a ‘Kill Bill’ potential candidate for the main role. Secondly, what we believe is really strong in ’10 Photographs’ is the script. Brandon Jordan creates a narrative with enough room for the main character to develop and become as intense and powerful as possible. The photographer is the catalyst that makes the model explode into a 4th of July parade of emotions. Thirdly, we have to focus our attention on the soundtrack as we feel that it is fundamental in many parts. There is a particular state of suspense in this short, and that is because of the score that builds the expectations without giving you any clue of what can and can’t happen. There are some moments, though, when it’s a little bit hard to understand the dialogue because of the music, but one can go past that and enjoy the beauty of the unknown.

 ’10 Photographs’ is a wild ride that only the brave should be willing to follow, as there is no turning back in this.

Written by Vlad A. G.

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