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‘9to5’ is one shocking short film! At first, you really don’t know what to expect – a man goes into a warehouse and has to pass a test. If the results are not satisfactory, things are going to be complicated. Filippos Tsapekis is playing with our minds in this spectacular film, drilling deep inside our imagination with bits of brutal realism. You'll never guess what's happening to you as this movie starts in a simple manner, and nothing predicts the real true madness behind it. Like the protagonist, you have no idea what you are getting into. 


Apart from the story, there are some things we really loved about ‘9to5’, and we will take them one by one. First of all, the two main actors, Yiannis Papadopoulos and Kora Karvouni, playing two of the most controversial roles we’ve seen in the past couple of months. We can compare their interaction with the one some believe to be on Doomsday – the man struggles with his last bit of energy, trying to change his destiny, but as we can imagine, there is no hope of doing such a thing. Also, Tsapekis' project surprised us with a breathtaking score (composed by Nick Athens) near the end, where the song too can be compared to the music of the afterlife, the first sound you might hear after you passed into the death stage. The whole film gives a strange feeling of claustrophobia, and it seems that with every second, the narrative strangles the viewer with gentle yet firm hands.

We must say that we have no words to explain how to feel about '9to5'! Without any doubt this short film is a good one, but it induces a weird state in the mind of the viewer that is not as easy to swallow as you might expect. Whatever it was in Tsapekis’s mind when he directed this, we bet that if we could go inside it we could easily see E.A. Poe fighting with Stephen King on who’s going to do more damage. 

Written by Vlad A. G

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