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There is no more beauty and grace than in dance! Through his short experimental video ‘A Year of Sundays’, director Dameme Jeremie and creative director Ava Mihaljevich prove once more that you need very little to be happy and fulfilled. The short starts with Juliet Doherty, the dancer and the main character, trying to find her inspiration in a room. As it happens, inspiration does not come all the time, and sometimes you have to make it happen. When there is nothing you can do, you can make a mess and go wild or you can try everything you can to clear your mind. Juliet Doherty does so, and her trip through the room involves a road less taken through unfinished ideas thrown on the floor.

We found two possible meanings for ‘A year of Sundays’, a short experimental that is up for interpretation due to what we love to call ‘the complexity of simplicity’. This short is highly poetic and hides through dance moves and carelessly thrown paper on the floor a story of life and the ease of experimenting with everything we have around us. Throwing the pillow on the bed and throwing paper on the ground to make a sea of broken ideas is the poetic core of a domestic poem about avoiding the chaotic mess of the city.

The other interpretation we found in this short film relies on inner peace and the peace of mind. There is nothing more calming and peaceful than dancing your problems away, and even if you have a bad day, a writer’s block or don’t feel like doing much with your life, you can always have a dance. We interpret the action of throwing papers as leaving your problems behind and focusing on yourself when nature calls. There is nothing more important than that, so one must love themselves as much as they can. It may sound cheesy, but in the end, there is a breaking point when Doherty falls on the ground covered with all her thrown away problems.

Written by Vlad A. G

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