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‘Achoo Achoo How Do You Do’ is an experimental short that deals with something we haven’t seen in a while, mostly because it isn't that popular anymore: the variety show. The short incorporates in less than ten minutes a wide range of artistic acts that are trying to leave the general impression of a complex, delusional story. Being experimental in its genre, we have the freedom to interpret the narrative as we think it’s best, and as a result we’ve put together a theory that we hope it will be solid on many levels.

‘Achoo Achoo How Do You Do’ may seem foolish at first and totally out of place, and if you do think so, well, you might be wrong. The key of this experimental is to imagine a possible situation where this surrealist narrative takes place, and only after that, to judge it. For example, we’ve imagined the whole story happening in the mind of a drug user who is trying to understand something simple, or in the mind of a person locked in a mental institution that forgot to take the afternoon meds. The plot is unveiling itself layer after layer and the viewer may understand the right thing, and at the same time, may project their own particular story-line just by thinking about the appropriate frame to insert this piece of art.

We’ve come up with this theory only to try to understand this film better as we've had some trouble taking it as it is, mainly for the reason that even in the experimental field not everything that comes up after pressing the REC button can be called art. Framed as we’ve imagined it a few lines earlier, this short gets both a new perspective and a new meaning. It’s like getting inside William Burroughs’s mind while writing ‘Junky’, or in Ginsberg’s mind while putting together the parts for ‘Howl’. We were glad to watch Duane Michals' project till the end, a film that gives the viewer the opportunity to imagine whatever they want.

Written by Vlad A. G

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