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Sreehari Purimetla and Adithya Joshi’s short has some terrifying moments when you do not know how to act or what to do. If any of us would be in the situation to witness the violence, the humiliation Alia goes through in this short, we do not know if any of us would know how to react. From the beginning, we will praise both directors for the courage of taking such a delicate subject and make it a short that can change minds worldwide.

In this short film we are presented with the story of Alia, a deaf woman who lives in an unhappy marriage, where she seems to be accused of all the things that go wrong in everybody’s life. The story takes proportions when we see that she is not able to be herself at any time, that she is another object in the house that others can play with. Alongside this slave life, she is living a secret affair with a woman who understands and takes care of her. When Alia’s family finds out about this, they become enraged and want vengeance!

‘Alia’ is a short about empowering women, about giving them the proper lungs to breathe this toxic air of harmful masculinity and segregation of women. We have to admit it – there are countries where women are mistreated, and it is something many of us blame on ‘traditions’. This is obviously not good, and we are grateful for having films like this one which manage to tackle with success and dedication a delicate subject, for the reason that only if we take matters in our own hands, this completely stupid system will collapse, and we can all be equal human beings. We bet the viewers all over the world will reward (if not already rewarded) Purimetla and Joshi’s courage of creating such a controversial short for only through this kind of examples we will change the broken society we live in. ‘Alia’ is the small leak that will sink the great ship!

Written by Vlad A.G

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