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In the bio that came with the movie, Wilfred Rodriguez presented 'An Evil Mind' as being a short where „Rachel and Alan think they're in for a steamy night. But the young couple learn the hard way that monsters do exist; and once they find you, they won't let go.” One thing he forgot to mention here is the part where someone... puts smiles on others' faces!

'An Evil Mind' presents a psycho that wants to be a doppelganger of Heath Ledger's Joker, combined with some Marylin Manson contact lenses and the voice of pure nightmares. The film is a little bit more than Rodriguez mentioned. Needless to say the film takes many twists and turns, creating a suspenseful thriller.

This is definitely a film that proves you don't need tons of blood and gore to have a good, suspenseful film. The cinematography is good and alongside with the score, the mix is unbeatable. The characters are nicely foregrounded in the context of the short. Everything is wrapped together really well and the performances are simply great.

The ending is sharp and... beautiful! The whole speech about monsters being only in your head is very inspiring and very true. The presence of the psychologist is a key point in the film, being the thin line between normality and craziness.

The only remarkable flaws we sensed in this short are with the psychopath. For us, this character wasn’t one hundred percent convincing. Yes, he has the charm of a villain, but the speech was a little bit superficial for our taste.

But other than that, Wilfred Rodriguez’s 'An Evil Mind' is a great short that proves you don’t need endless hours to make a good creepy film. You only need twenty minutes and a cast that blends nicely in the story. A quality film in almost all aspects!

Written by Vlad A. G

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