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‘AXioMA’ follows a winning plot that we haven’t seen in short movies for a long time. It starts from a tragic case, something that one cannot joke about, and then goes even deeper with this situation and then, just after the main character hits rock bottom (or so to say),  the story gets a slightly positive ending. To be honest, we’ve seen this kind of recipe in feature films, and not once, and we couldn’t imagine it in a short movie, all the more so since it is hard enough to make a full three part plot with such intensity in under just fifteen minutes. All of our respects for this achievement!

One thing we’ve noticed from the first shot was that all of the characters seemed to be some kind of doppelgangers of famous musicians: we’ve had one Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers, one Matthew Murphy from The Wombats, and a girl that by all means seemed to represent the shoegaze musical movement. The score, the careful drumming going exactly as the metronome dictates, was really impressive and was what we mostly loved about this short. Nowadays it is really hard to find movies that have such a specific soundtrack line, reason why ‘AXioMA’ was beyond our expectations.

When the main character feels like a burden for the society he lives in and for his family, he unintentionally unveils one characteristic that many speak of but they show it very rare. As we all know, it is not good to be sad, or to experience extreme sadness, but if you do, in most of the cases your body has a defensive mechanism making you able to not let you down completely, and foreground the inner power that one may not know about… and this is what happens with the main character. In his situation, when he feels useless and in the way of others, his own defensive mechanism takes him from the ground and puts him behind the drums where he belongs. Elisa Possenti’s ‘AXioMA’ is more than a movie one can watch for fun. This is a life lesson every young person has to acknowledge in order to better understand the ones around them.

Written by Vlad A. G

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