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As we said it previously, we are eager to see that retro feel in movies nowadays but this isn’t many directors' cup of tea. Bernschneider brought to us the perfect blend of retro elements in a short that really is a game changer in the movie business. We tried to come with our version of the storyline, but we cannot say it better than it is in the bio of the film: “A love letter to early 80s crime movies and a wake-up call for German genre cinema. From a time when neon was a given, romance tasted like blood and ambivalent heroes said little, but spoke through their guns.”  

‘Bad Sheriff’ tells the story of a gunman trying to get back his woman in a very delicate and bizarre situation. The first thing that we noticed in this short was the backdrop – amazingly done and extremely suitable for this topic. Everything in this short says “disco but be careful”, a combination of 80s & 90s iconic elements filled with the timeless action of a shootout.

The score is absolutely brilliant, and so is the cinematography. This short is so smooth that, after you finish watching it, it makes you want to go back to your vinyl collection and play something adequate while enjoying a glass of the finest brandy you own. It is not only the action that matters here, but the mood that is expressed in very few yet powerful lines, very attractive shots and mesmerizing music. If you experienced at least a little bit of the 90’s cinematography, it is nearly impossible not to fall in love with this short, and that is because it has everything one could expect. From our side, 'Bad Sheriff' can easily compete in most festivals' “Best of” category and surely win at least one important prize.

Written by Vlad A. G

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