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There are many ways to deal with a flat tyre. Vis Vitalis showed us in 'Balloon' a very... effective way of dealing with this matter when you are in the woods and the weather is not on your side.

'Balloon' is only four minutes long, but in these four minutes a whole world is compressed. First of all, we have to show our appreciation for the amazing backdrop of the short – there is nothing creepier than a forest and clear white snow. Based on what cinematography and literature taught us over the years, in this scenery something bad is about to happen.

The score of the short is remarkable, being highly adequate for this story and going along so well with the whole movie construction. The cinematography is very good and it wasn’t hard to notice that Vis Vitalis is a writer – this narrative goes exactly like a postmodern short story one can find in today’s literary magazines.

The plot is intriguing and Vis Vitalis made it very tricky based on the overview: “On the roadside of a country road a parked jeep with a broken balloon. A lonely man unsuccessfully tries to change a flat tire, refusing the help of passing drivers. Who is that man?.. And what does he want?.. But don`t worry: he`ll deal with it. And you`re welcome to unexpected and cruel final.” And indeed, the ending is spectacular. The lonely man in the car has those psycho eyes you would expect from a guy alone at the edge of a forest.

This short was quite a surprise for us. Vis Vitalis managed to create an amazing short that not only has a powerful literary background, but also a great cast and superb technicalities. We can only wonder, what is he up to next? After such a unique experience with 'Balloon', the future seems bright for this director.

Written by Vlad A. G

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