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 ‘BCH - We are all severely ill’ has that cool factor we’ve all been looking for in a music video. The indie-chill tune goes together perfectly with the light video bit, creating a product that can impress even the most fastidious viewers. We have to admit: it is hard to understand the lyrics and to know what they sing about (for the reason that the song is in Russian), and therefore if you are not a speaker of this language the only thing left to enjoy is the beat and the flow of the song. Even in the video overview, the director made a statement that took us deeper into the “vagueness” of it: “Who and how defines freedom and what does the 'illness' mean”.’

Considering this, we will now focus our attention on the visual spectrum of this music video, trying to understand what this song is about and how  the video bit gives this story a meaning. At certain points in this clip, there are some statements/words on the screen, depicting emotions felt by the ones involved in the scene. The ‘illness’, as you have probably guessed, seems to be ‘love’, as it is expressed in many forms during this short music video, and each time the slightest touch that can be seen between two people has a hidden power of bursting into powerful emotions that are crushing the borders of monotony.

Even the subtle shades of pink that are popping here and there in Vladimir Galeev's music video have been placed to emphasize the power of love, and how even the smallest gesture can change one’s glow. From where we are standing, this is what ‘We are all severely ill’ impersonates: a new shade of love, a story about emotions expressed through micro-expressions, a music video designed to be nothing but irresistible! 

Written by Vlad A. G

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