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Philippe McKie’s 'Be My First' tells the story of a young girl who is looking to sell her virginity online to someone who is willing to pay and have his way with her. It wasn’t long after she posted the ad when messages started to pile up and eventually she picks a man who is really into doing the choir. After they meet in a crowded street, they go to a hotel where the events take place. Everything goes as it was intended, the girl leaves to her home, and right here at the end the story becomes interesting. We are not going to spoil it because the movie is truly beautiful in the approach towards its beginning and finish line and we don’t want to be those guys ruining great endings.


From our point of view, the main actress, Saaya Watanabe, played an amazing role, having to express lots of mood swings and feelings, being in situations where many of other famous Hollywood actresses wouldn’t stand a chance. Also, the male character was really good, having the right attitude towards the emotions of the character he is portraying, being one hundred percent caught in the story, making everything look so natural one couldn’t tell 'Be My First' was actually a fiction movie.

As for the script, we came to the conclusion it was remarkably written! Being honest here, we’ve expected some Gone Girl crazy attitude after the intimate scene, and also, after the virgin girl arrived home and was in the shower we’ve expected some Psycho scene with a crazy person going nuts over her, especially after the scene where the virgin girl left the hotel room and the man asked her if he could see her again. The hidden craziness in his eyes was the perfect set-up for a iconic scene, but it is for the best that the story went another way. After all, recreating scenes from cult movies is totally overrated, and this short needed to grow on its own. From our point of view, 'Be My First' is a wonderful short that we strongly recommend to any movie enthusiast out there!

Written by Vlad A. G

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