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Director YuTeng Chang's ‘Bloodea’ is the kind of short animation that will teach the viewer many things: first of all, it is all about empathy – the story of how so called enemies become friends and help each other when nature calls; second of all, it will give a new perspective on how bugs and humans can work together and have a friendly relationship after being in tensioned relations; and thirdly, even if they are in a fantastic parallel world, a good laugh will come from each and every scene.

Jack is the owner of a special tea house that sells blood tea to vampires. His main problem with this business is with the mosquitoes that are everywhere, becoming thirsty and irritating at some point. He is indeed annoyed and tries in different ways to get rid of them, but his ways are not that fulfilling. When problems occur, he has to think fast, and struggling with the problem we previously mentioned, he finds himself in a situation where he gets help from where he expects less.

Even though ‘Bloodea'’s running time is less than five minutes, it is really intense, leaving the viewer with some important life lessons; the story is suitable for all ages, and so is the animation type, being an excellent watch for kids and adults at the same time. The intense comedic effect was surprising for us, taking in consideration how dark were the animations we’ve seen over the past months, but this one really brought a smile to our faces. The sound edit was impressive…and we are saying that even if the predominant sound was that of mosquitoes buzzing, which you may relate, is not the most pleasant one. All in all, ‘Bloodea’ is a great choice if you’re willing to watch a funny animation that will surely brighten even your cloudiest day!

Written by Vlad A. G

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