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`Bloodline` follows the story of Darko (played by Rade Radolović), a young man who saw his parents get assassinated when he was a kid and promised to have his revenge on the attacker. For this to happen, he was trained to be an expert assassin by the underworld mob, and during his lifetime, he did train for the day when he would meet his parents' killer. Darko killed many people in various brutal ways, and his moral compass was altered with every victim. At some point, nothing from what he was doing seemed to mean anything to him, and when the time came, he wanted out of this business. As we know, getting out of this business is not easy, but until then, he has to make one more victim to avenge the memory of his parents.

There are three spectacular things this film that made us crave for more. Firstly, there is Rade Radolović's performance portraying a ruthless assassin. There were very few characters we've seen lately to deliver such a stunning performance portraying an accidental villain, and we say that because he is doing all of the wrong actions to find closure for the losses he suffered as a kid. He trained to be the best, and we can easily see that he succeeds in being a nightmare provider for all his potential victims.

Secondly, 'Bloodline' impressed us by having this overall mood of a 'Sin-City'-like story, with predominant dark colours, and using the shadows as the main character in giving the severity of the scenes. Also, the light plays an essential role in the depth of the characters, and we can easily see this in the settings where Darko follows his victims or when something is about to go down. Silvio Jesenkovic crafted this film to shine in the absence of light, and we can all agree it succeeds in doing so with every occasion.

Thirdly, 'Bloodline' impresses through its dialogue bits being short and sharp. You don't need a lot of information to understand what is happening, and the few words spoken are enough to give the viewer a background in which the story will evolve.

'Bloodline' is a film like no other we've seen recently, and we firmly believe that with this abrasive attitude, it can be a turning point in the crime-drama genre.

Written by Vlad A. G

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