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Caposhi: Popular 70s term meaning "cool", pronounced “kuh-pa-she”. (Urban dictionary)

If it was a Tarantino movie, this is how it would have started. But Matheus Ronn demonstrated that you don’t have to be Quentin Tarantino to make a movie that will blow your mind.

'Caposhi Pop' is a piece of film that can easily become cult fiction for a generation that seems to have run out of “cult” things. Even from the beginning the movie surprises us with a wicked score, a vintage intro and an exquisite first person shot that really made us fell in love with this movie.

When we talk about the story we tend to dramatise it to sound more appealing, but in this case we don’t have to, because what Matheus Ronn did is exceptional. A gang of three criminals take over a diner and hold the staff and the customers hostages to draw away the attention of the police from another robbery happening elsewhere in the city. As simple as it sounds, the dramatised part is absolutely spectacular.

The place used for filming is a regular diner – similar to the ones seen in Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction - and there is where all things happen. The language is pretty explicit but... why not? After all, it is a movie about a robbery, and no one goes into a bank asking politely for the money to be withdrawn.

The edit, the score, the cinematography are close to perfection. Everything is made to match the vintage feel of the film and quite frankly this is the charm of the short. There is a scene where one of the characters is preparing a burger – if there weren’t enough Tarantino references till now, well the reference to the Big Kahuna burger is quite obvious and unexpected.

This short will go places, we guarantee it! It is finger licking good, you will want to replay it all over again until you will find something of the same calibre to feast your eyes with as 'Caposhi Pop' certainly did.

Written by Vlad A. G

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