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In the past three-four years, Facebook pages regarding humans of different cities all over the world emerged, presenting stories and facts that are made to make the reader empathize with the others and to share a story that is prone to be inspirational in any way. If one of those pages was to be transposed into a short movie, the result would have been quite similar to what Kostas Pestas did in ‘City of my heart’.


This experimental short movie follows the crowded streets of Madrid on a regular day, without foregrounding anything in particular. But this lack of individualization is the key to understanding the real message of this short. As in the human body, all of the organs have their important role, being very hard for a healthy human being to live without one or more of them. In ‘City of my heart’, Madrid is seen in the same manner: as a whole in which every piece is important, every person and every building has its righteous place there. The few sky shots this short has to offer have the great and unique role of integrating the city into the world picture, and the individual in a homogenous society.

Everything regarding the visual spectrum was great, and we admit it: this may be one of the best experimental shorts we’ve had in the past couple of months; however, the poem used to describe the inner feeling of the author wasn’t that impressive. To sum it up, it was like a collection of internet positive quotes randomly picked from a motivational book. The deep interior spectrum of the poem was way too futile to be explored in the same manner the viewer explores the city through the images provided, and this discrepancy is significant. Otherwise, this short does its job – it creates a mood, sets the viewer there and through the words of a Myspace philosopher tries and manages to integrate the viewer in a dreamy world.

Written by Vlad A. G

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