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We hope that ‘Coming Home’ is just a pilot episode, or a trailer to an upcoming movie that will change everything we know about films of this kind. Yes, we truly hope so, because what we’ve seen in those fifteen minutes was absolutely astonishing. The plot is exactly what we wanted to see from a movie that was called ‘Coming Home’: a young man is the serial killer artist, a psycho who plays not only with other lives, but with their bodies in certain different ways to create art. A family is following his every move being in the shadows at first and making him come to the nest.

The cinematography and the editing were very good, and we were also impressed by the sound editing that made everything more genuine. The acting was the best part as we couldn’t decide who we liked better. First, there was the little girl, Sarrah, who faced Crawford with no remorse, having no fear, despite the fact that at one point it was clear what he was going to do with her. She even slapped him and talked back with great courage. Then it was the father of the family, Mr Richard, who had some bad ass lines that left us craving for more of this. One of the final scenes, when he met Crawford was absolutely brilliant, and that is because he dealt with problems in such a unique way we’ve never seen in movies for a long time. This character in particular was amazing and we clearly want more of him.

If Shiva Rodriguez is still thinking about this project, may we suggest expanding it in a mini-series or at least in a feature film? From our point of view, if she manages to keep the high temper of her characters and make them as insane as possible, the impact would be comparable to ‘Twin Peaks’ the original. This could definitely be the winning method!

Written by Vlad A. G

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