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There is sadness in this world, and each day someone experiences an outstanding level of sadness without anyone around noticing it. The level of sadness you feel when a loved one gets away is excruciating, and we all had the chance to feel it at some point in our lives. This deep and emotional state of mind is beautifully depicted in Taian Lu’s ‘Crossing’, a music video that goes full lo-fi in the best way possible.

The animation is pretty simplistic, but this is the real beauty of it. Imagine the moment when a loved one says that there is no more love from his or her side: the way your mind stops like the breaks from a super-high-speed train is perfectly depicted in this animation. Everything paces down. All the images are going slower in front of your eyes, all the memories and all the plans are perishing in slow-motion, resulting in the delayed broken record pace no one asked for. The symbolic image of the train going from season to season is perfect to describe the plans that were made to last forever. When she leaves, everything becomes empty and sad, just like in real life, and Taian Lu went the extra mile to make sure the viewer understands the pain through colours and insect-like moves the animation gets along the way.

Apart from the poetry of the images that Lu made, there is one side of this music video we liked less, and that is the music. We understand the concept of lo-fi, but the song is a little bit too experimental, and on top of that, it is hard to understand all the lyrics and to see if there is a powerful connection between the song and the video. Since the visual part was the only one that we could fully understand, in this review our attention was focused on the visuals solely.

Written by Vlad A. G

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