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It is very hard in today’s world to find someone who isn’t or hasn’t been a sci-fi lover at one point in their life. Different generations of sci-fi movies captivated and stretched the imagination of the youngsters in the past decades, movies ranging from Star Wars to Star Trek and they still amaze today with the perfect plot, the futuristic settings and the superb sets.

Coming back to our time, we have 'Darkness Falls', a short film that in certain conditions may be the next big thing on the sci-fi market. The story is promising: Melissa, a young woman, suffers from amnesia, and her memory starts to regain slowly. When she is fully recovered she realises the world is not exactly what she thought.

Jarno Vinsencius managed to create more than a short film, he created a path for himself for a possible franchise that could change the way we see sci-fi cinematography. 'Darkness Falls' is a blend of a great story and an impeccable way of displaying it on screen. Even though it is a sci-fi, the story flows naturally without having outdated visual-effects we are so used to see in sci-fi wannabes. The cinematography is flawless and so is the acting - it is very hard to find something to reproach to either the cast or the crew.

Another thing we really appreciated in this movie was the dialogue, very profound and trustful. Rarely did we find sci-fi’s with such dialogue that we can believe from the first second till the last frame. We are not that familiar with other works of Jarno Vinsencius, but this short convinced us that he is a great director with unique vision towards futuristic themes.

Now, you don’t have to take our word for granted, we may be mesmerised by the whole story-set thing. But one thing is for sure, if Jarno Vinsencius is willing to expand 'Darkness Falls' into a feature film, it is a serious candidate for the next big thing in sci-fi!

Written by Vlad A. G

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