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‘Destiny’ is a romantic comedy designed to be a life lesson for many of us. There is an old saying which goes like that: "you don’t know what you had until you lost it", but in this short movie this quote goes on a postmodern approach, and becomes “you know what you have, and soon, someone else will know better”. Even though it might seem like it doesn’t make any sense, you will definitely get it whilst watching ‘Destiny’.


A modern-day love story that seems perfect, but in reality is not, has an explosive downfall, followed by a surprising revenge. A player puts his cards on the table with any girl he finds on social media and dating sites. He has a golden plan that seems to work in any given situation related to women. But one day, something interferes with his clockwork strategy, and he seems like losing the power…but then, destiny hits! The title of this short movie summarizes perfectly the whole plot of the film – destiny is a key piece in this story, coming with ups and downs for both of the parties involved in the game. The woman gets tricked at first, but then she comes with a plan to be the one in charge. However, as perhaps expected, her plan seems to have some unforeseen flaws. The man is a player that got tricked into believing some fictional stories told by some girls from the dating sites and just when he seemed lost and down, destiny intervened and made it all worthwhile.

The dialogue of Vikkramm Chandirramani's short film is not filled with metaphors but has the advantage of depicting the regular conversations between the young people nowadays, becoming a really interesting sociological case study. The two main characters are playing their roles in a very natural and untainted manner, delivering the right mixed emotions to the audience. This short has great potential because of the mundane topic, and most of the young people out there seeing this will relate with the narrated story in the blink of an eye, because let’s face it, we all know at least one case where life tried to play tricks on us or on those close to us, but eventually destiny intervened and saved the day.  

Written by Vlad A. G

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