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Dan Walls made a short film so good that it may get ignored by the average audience just because it does not follow the rules of the mainstream storytelling.

Without giving any spoilers, we will tell you that this short is like few you've ever experienced before. 'Display Home' has its style and tone altogether through fantastic production value and direction. Not to mention, the writing and acting are both phenomenal and mind-blowing, especially given the depth and range of the characters and the actors playing them that are all remarkable from the very start.

The plot follows a couple willing to buy a house that has anything in it, and when we say anything, we mean it. At the open house, they find that the building is quite fancy, and it has almost everything a family needs to live a good life. But there is one more thing that comes in the package, and that is where this short gets perspective, and where we realize that our minds have been blown by a highly innovative script.

The theme 'Display Home' is tackling is the rise of the artificial brought to a new level while given a new perspective. The artificial is part of our lives at the moment, and day by day, there are more and more innovations surfacing to make life bearable in a user-friendly way. The theme of this film is not only new and progressive in a weird way, but at the same time it brings back some nasty habits from that part of the history we are not willing to relive.

All in all, Dan Walls’ film is special beyond any comparison and moves you upon its own merit. It's one of those films that you must see with your own eyes to immerse in and understand it fully.

Written by Vlad A. Gheorghiu

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