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‘Distance’ is a short experimental video coping with the issue of intimacy in a surprising way. The main characters are at first clay models dealing with each other in a world of their own, moving in their own way, reacting in their own way, enjoying life at a regular tempo for them. Then, from time to time, reality comes to the stage and shows the viewer the other side of the story, the transposition into the real world. The main characters, and we refer here to the clay ones, have two distinct colors: blue and red. Stating the obvious, we can say that the blue one is the man and the red one is the woman, but there is not where we wanted to go. In popular belief, when a magnet is drawn, the two sides, the plus and the minus, are painted in these two colors, red and blue. This can be seen here on how the two characters are attracted one to another, and the power that stands between them looks like it’s not a normal one.

Also, the scene where the characters lay on the beach and the man is touching the woman has a very powerful impact on the sensitive viewer. From our point of view, this short contains an enormous amount of feelings and symbols. The flower that blooms then goes back in reverse to her primal state indicates the general scheme of a relationship, where things have ups and downs.

The last scene, where the blue character fades away and perishes into the ground is heartbreaking – we can say that it is the emotional equivalent of seeing your favorite pet put down to sleep forever. If we can suggest a perfect soundtrack for this short, we would totally go with ‘American Football’s’ song ‘Never Meant’, where the ending is as sad as this short’s ending: ‘So let's just pretend/ Everything and/ Anything between you and me /Was never meant’.

Written by Vlad A. G

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