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Jealousy is a powerful tool in making decisions, and sooner or later, we all have to deal with it. When it comes to jealousy, there is no universal remedy, and each individual has to find a way to cope with this thought. In ‘Doblez’ Guilherme (played by Lisandro Leite) feels that something is not right in his relationship and tries to find out what is happening behind closed doors when he is not home. He masterminds a quite simple plan and decides to make it happen in the middle of the day when he is least expected home. Soon after he enters the house, he hears the unwanted noise, and with a taste for vengeance, he enters the bedroom to find his girlfriend alone.

Gabriel Vidal’s short starts from an excellent yet standard premise, the partner that feels cheated on, and the story is unveiled in front of us generally until the very last part where the narrative gets perspective. Vidal gave this film the twist that transformed it from ordinary to spectacular. When you do not believe in yourself, the self will take action against you – this may be the greatest lesson one may understand from ‘Doblez’. This perfect introspection works after you get to see this short, as you may find the answers you were seeking for a long time inside the most common answers you give to yourself.

Even though the short film isn’t perfectly crafted in terms of editing and cinematography, it has a story that makes the whole project worthy of consideration. Lisandro Leite’s onscreen crazy moments are the finishing touches to a film that presents thousands of pages of psychological works in a brief example of how not to control your emotions. Words may be way too vague to express what Vidal meant with this movie, so there is no other option than to watch it and get the right amount of wow factor for a day.

Written by Vlad A. G

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