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Humankind is always a good centerpiece for any kind of art, especially in cases where the human nature is troubled by something, when things happen and the person has to follow, or run away from them. In ‘Dolores’, Guilherme Fernandes took two female characters, gave them credible back-stories, added a bit of craziness, and the final result was a drama that not only transcends the borders of the real, but at the same time, gets to a depth where the viewer feels trapped inside the same house with the characters in the movie, and feels like its life is just another thing in the way.

The cinematography of this short film was really nice and sharp – even though all the narrative was developing in the same room and in the same house, it felt like it was a world in a continuous discovery. Dolores (played by Cristina Castro), and her sister Sandra (played by Czarina Mada) are two troubled women in a world that seems a bit on fast forward for them. When Dolores comes to her sister to help her with a serious issue, Sandra feels the need to reject her, and that is because she is sick of taking care of all the mess. It seems that their relationship builds up on many previous discussions, along with many other previous arguments that lead nowhere. As it looked to us, this one also had no ending.

The story Dolores tells about her life is crude and really interesting at the same time. Her life is a roller-coaster of bad decisions after bad decisions that she is aware of, and as it turns out, she feels the need to get down from this roller-coaster and embark on a new one, with other rules, and other ending. Guilherme Fernandes did a great job with this short by sending the right mixed vibes, and letting the viewer puzzled when the end credits show up on the screen.

Written by Vlad A. G

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