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In today’s time it is hard to make people laugh. People aren’t that creative in making up new jokes or situations and they wind up recycling the old ones in a new manner. Kartikye Gupta is definitely not that kind of guy. In 'Dr. Elevator' he really managed to point out a hilarious story in the funniest way possible.

'Dr. Elevator' tells a simple story: Trapped in an elevator with a strange woman going into labor, an Indian mathematician with Asperger must rise to the occasion and deliver the baby. 'Dr. Elevator' is that kind of movie that draws its strength from the story, rather than other things.

As opposed to many, many other comedies, 'Dr. Elevator' actually gets better as it moves along. Most of the time a comedy like this will use up all the laughs in the first part and then try to take a serious turn in the last bit…or the turn here is really serious!  

The film certainly does have its flaws. But it is very hard to concentrate on other things when the plot is so good. We really loved all the characters in the movie, every role no matter how small had a great moment or two. And the setting was more than perfect. The elevator is a mysterious place – from a philosophical point of view we can see it as a place where no one every stays. It is a passage, a place where things rarely happen; and in this case, something happened. The birth in an elevator was not only funny, but symbolic at some level.

The coloring and cinematography in the beginning of the movie reminded us a little bit of Wes Anderson’s technique, being very symmetrical and expressive at the same time.

If you want a good laugh in your coffee break, then 'Dr. Elevator' is the right short for you. Gather your mates and enjoy this piece of cinematography that will instantly brighten your day.

Written by Vlad A. G

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