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The Eastern European movie scene has become more and more spectacular in the past decade. We’ve seen really interesting and innovative films from Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, or Russia, and most of the times those films exceeded our expectations. The ex-soviet background is always a boost of inspiration, and we’ve seen this not only in film but in literature and music as well. Most of these pieces of art are dealing with problems or matters the West never thought of, and the unique way they are presented makes the region become more and more appreciated by critics and fans.

‘Dream for Happiness’ can easily go in the aforementioned category, with a crazy story, a sad general vibe, but an altogether poetic narrative expression. Anita is a troubled woman with a shady background. She is emotionally involved with a younger man, and her life is dealing with a monotone routine. Living the, what seems to be, bohemian life, isn’t the most fulfilling thing to do in Eastern Europe, as we can see that she’s struggling with money problems every day. One day she meets a painter who is looking for a model to pose for a painting, and from there on her life receives the twist she’s been looking for.

Watching ‘Dream for Happiness’ reminded us of a great American novel called “And the Hippo’s were boiled in their tanks’, by Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs. In this novel, the general feeling of instability, of randomness prevails and will go deep into the readers’ hearts. We experienced the exact same feeling while watching ‘Dream for Happiness’ – the randomness, the filth, the misery, all prevailing in our hearts. And it’s hard to make a movie this visceral, a movie that can go places where other films can’t go. Irina Velichkova rolled up her sleeves and with the help of Stefka Yanorova, the lead actress, who's portraying a very intense character, created the ultimate heartbreaking experience, one that is not based on a romantic love story, but on a life lesson.

Written by Vlad A. G

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