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In 'Eye of India', Benn Berkeley managed to capture a whole world in three minutes. This short is so complex that you will be amazed how many beautiful things life has to offer, and how very few of us have the time to see them.


'Eye of India' is a very powerful short experimental. It challenges the viewer to stop the ongoing routine, to break the monotony and go explore the world. From a technical point of view, everything in this short is very neat. The cinematography is premium class, the score is very good and the editing is also perfect.

Benn Berkeley comprised in one hundred and eighty seconds a very vast culture in a remarkable way. Every frame of this film deserves to be printed, framed and hung in a gallery. The colours are highlighted in every frame, the faces of the people are the (many) faces of the country. A country that is as spectacular as its traditions.

It goes without saying that this movie includes some of the most breathtaking camera-work we have ever seen. Many scenes will live long in the memory of anyone who's been fortunate enough to see it.

To sum up, the film is a remarkable effort of cinematography and should be watched for that reason alone. Benn Berkeley did a great job and we think it will be very appreciated by the public. It's amazing how much can be done in a couple minutes.

Written by Vlad A. G

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