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‘EYES ON YOU' looks like a prequel to an episode of ‘Crime Scene Investigation’, starting from a troubled premise, having a victim that has no idea what to expect, and a suspect too hooked on what games his mind plays on him. As this short begins, you don’t know what to expect for the reason that the spectrum is broad, and at any moment you may see a knife or a gun appearing out of nowhere to change the whole course of the action.

What we’ve appreciated the most in this short was the special way in which the main character (played by Bernard Galane) was created. It was designed to mainly be a stereotypical creep, a control freak, a man that feeds his will of power by controlling a woman that is just there as his meat puppet. No wonder he fantasizes that much about killing and revenge; his will of power is not directed strictly towards her, but she may be the reason (or the motif) his craziness expands. 


Getting into his mind is tricky, and once you’ve done it, it is really hard to get out. This is the beauty of 'EYES ON YOU'– even though it has some flaws when it comes to its technicalities, it manages to create characters of great complexity. Nothing says crazy more than a husband with emotional problems, with no trust in his wife or in himself for that matter. The scene where he is facing his lawyer and tries to shoot him but finds out his gun disappeared reminded us of the old time classics such as ‘Max Payne’ or ‘The Matrix’, where things weren’t as one would come to expect.

Written by Vlad A. G

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