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Jacob is a young boy who gets bullied at school, and the school administration is not that responsive to this case, being very slow in reaction. Even though his mother insists on seeing some consequences based on these facts, they aren’t making it a priority, leaving Jacob with no option but to take matters into his own hands.

Daniel Robinette’s short fantasy movie deals with a problem that many of us have encountered at some point in school, managing to draw an ending most of us would never expect. This short film is overwhelmed with realism and tragedy. Being only five minutes long, one may not expect it to be overly concentrated and coherent, but ‘Galmi’ is, in fact, a superbly written short story that gets a lot of sense moments after you've finished watching it. 

We greatly appreciated the original score that enhanced the whole fantasy-based universe, delivering the right emotions at the right moment. Jacob (played by Griffin Robinette) is the type of kid who would make all the monsters hiding under his bed... his best friends. He is a superhero that doesn’t wear a cape and knows very well how to deal with trouble.

The symbolic element that unleashes the powerful action is a poster that is found on the wall near the principal’s office. The words ‘It takes a special kind of person to fight back’ show the enemy that does not appear, but it’s known to exist, making the main character project an idealistic form of life to back him up.

Robinette’s short movie is inspiring for people of all ages, showing that if you believe in what you do, no one can stand in your way.

Written by Vlad A. G

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