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‘Getaway’ tells Marcus (played by Ricky Herrera) who is a coyote, aka a person who sneaks illegal migrants into the United States. His work is painful, dangerous, and as it seems, never-ending. He receives calls from his boss, telling him where and when to make the business work fine. But Marcus is fed up with this, and by the look on his face, we can easily understand how close he is to the point of snapping out. One day he has to pick up some immigrants from the designated spot. He arrives there with his van and loads up the passengers. The trip is long enough for all of them, and because of this, they have to stop at gas stations for natural needs. At one of the stations, Nina (played by Amanda Mendieta), one of the passengers, is followed by a man who becomes violent. Marcus comes from behind and hits the man in the face, and the whole situation gets worse. After this fight, Marcus and Nina find themselves in a motel room, cleaning their wounds. This escalates, and one thing leads to another, until the phone rings. From this point on, Marcus has to make a decision.

Interestingly enough, even though in ‘Getaway’ we expected a ‘loverboy’ situation, where the main character falls in love with women to pass them to promiscuous gangs, Pedro Hector Canales went on a different path and slightly changed the perspective of the story. Marcus perfectly impersonates the ‘coyote’, the driver who has to take care of all the possessions he is carrying, and nothing will ever stop him from doing his job.

Marcus’ life is falling apart, and you can easily spot that from the first scene when the phone rings. What comes to balance the whole story is the strange and surprising ending, to say the least. Nina’s choice is one hundred per cent understandable, and for once we do not get to see that fairytale ending Hollywood accustomed us to, but a real-life situation in which freedom prevails.  An intense watch from start to finish!

Written by Vlad A. G

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