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'Ghosty Mc Ghostface' deals with the "life" of a ghost haunting a house. At first, it may seem spooky, the plot of a new creepy horror movie, but Ghosty is one of the funniest comedies under five minutes that we've seen this year. Why have we categorized it like this? Because it's hard to tell a story of this kind in such a short period of time, and Emma Richardson and Will Austin managed to create a double layered narrative, while adding the element of continuity by letting the ending be as open as possible, and that is something you don't see every day.

The story is simple but with a fantastic impact. Breaking the fourth wall is the cherry on the sundae as the main character, Ghosty Mc Ghostface, played by Emma Richardson, becomes a brilliant comedic character who can manipulate the plot of the story in any way she wants. Ghosty owns the spotlight, being the one who creates the situations and, at the same time, the one who gives the whole narrative a purpose. In our own words, we can say that this short reminded us of the old-school car commercials where the model shines from every angle, and you as a viewer suddenly start to crave for a new purchase. Ghosty seemed like she was advertising to us, to adopt her as a houseguest who can bring joy to life in her own way.

Emma Richardson plays the main character incredibly natural. She doesn't act out in a bizarre way for a dark comedy only to accentuate that she is a ghost; instead, she narrates the whole part, being a little bit bored and a bit nervous. The outcome? Well, the first friendly ghost we have seen since Casper. Her backstory becomes excellent when the new family moves in, as her "past life" experiences prepared her for being the most she can be. 

'Ghosty Mc Ghostface' is one of the few comedies that we would want to watch again soon just to have it as a frame of reference.

Written by Vlad A. Gheorghiu

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