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‘Glove’ represents the struggle of a young sportsman who tries to defeat all of his opponents even though sometimes his opponents are more than the boxing ring gathers around it. Dylan faces the fear of being knocked-down and not being powerful enough to get back on his feet and fight until the end. But that fear comes from somewhere inside, and the way we find out about the place where fear is hidden inside him is priceless and amazingly well delivered so as the viewer will be crushed, and at the same time will find power and fight alongside the main character to reach the unbearable victory.

The character of Dylan (played by Savas Aragorn) has a unique sense of power and discipline. It reminds us of Rocky, who, back in the day, would have to go through hell’s fire only to make it out alive, with the ultimate champion belt on his shoulder. Dylan’s faith takes him on some roads that no one has ever traveled on before; we can see how he threads lightly to make every step count as much as the next one. Dylan is a warrior, the only warrior that has the power to defend himself under pressure, without having the chance to be careful at everything that happens around him. In some situations, we can see Dylan being hit from everywhere, and he takes all the punches as a hero, without losing faith in himself.

Besides its accurate editing and cinematography, ‘Glove’ has a powerful message that grows as a flower in full spring, and each second of loss of focus comes with the right consequences. Blake Gamble managed to create a universe that transcends the borders of reality sometimes without us even knowing. The continuous expectancy for something different that comes at least four or five times in this short gives ‘GLOVE’ a mysterious feeling you would definitely experience again.

Written by Vlad A.G

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