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"The whole world is a stage, and all the men and women merely actors" – when Shakespeare wrote this sentence, it was revolutionary, and over time it became more and more relevant to the way in which humankind evolved. Dean Douglas Cooper, beautifully played by Raz Fritz, has the dream of becoming an actor, and for pursuing this dream, he moves to Los Angeles to make the most out of it. But as we may predict, life is not always as easy as we think it could be, and Dean faces the real world in one of the most violent forms: rejection. The struggle is real, reason why Dean has to find a way to succeed. 

Luca Pizzoleo’s short delivers a unique theatrical vibe that is more personal and adjusted to the viewers' taste. Dean Douglas Cooper is the typical young man who tries to make it in life without being a simple pawn. Life has more to offer than we can comprehend with sight, and Dean knows it. The only problem is the unexpected as the unexpected is the primal threat, the one most likely to play with the self-esteem of a person. Of course, sometimes rejection will be present, but how to feel the real taste of success without feeling the bitter taste of defeat?

The first scene of 'Gold' reminded us of the beginning of Joker when Joaquin Phoenix puts on makeup and tries to adjust to the complex personality of a party clown. Here, Raz Fritz knows the power of the mask, and he applies shades of gold gently on his face as he is preparing for a huge role. The symbolistic of this scene is superb and extremely intelligent – when we put on a mask, we are ready to be whomever we want. For that matter, putting the gold dust on his face, Dean Douglas Cooper is preparing for life in the way the old saying taught us: dress for the job you want, not for the job you have. Life can be tough, so why not approach it prepared?

Written by Vlad A. G

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