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A young man goes to see a woman who seems to be experienced in life, in order to look for love. He doesn’t know where to find it, how to get there, with whom to achieve it, but he is confident enough that he will find the right answer as soon as possible. Well, as we can see in this film, love is not that easy to find... or is it?


Julia Strassmann’s short surprised us with its impeccable dialogue bit about love and life. Even though we were expecting something naughty to happen towards the end, the final result showed us exactly the opposite.

Our favorite part in 'Greater Fool' is when Stella says the following line: “I am going to give you some advice, advice I’ve never given to anyone!”. From the very beginning, we tended to believe that she was one of those girls who forgot to put on the red light. In fact, she has a much more important role in the narrative. Her sincerity whilst saying those lines is doubtful, but as she goes deeper into the subject we can see remorse and fairness dripping all over her face. When she is about to finish her monologue, Stella has the look of the one who was never picked up first. At this moment we can easily see the truth of what she is saying, and at the same time, the perfect way she is masking her feelings to not seem weak in the eyes of the young loverboy.


‘Greater Fool’ is rather simplistic in terms of cinematography and editing, but triumphs with its powerful dialogue and gestures that are way more important here than anything else. Stella, played by Julia Strassmann, who's also the director, portrays the woman who has witnessed the atrocities of life and who has survived long enough to pass the word on to the next generation. She is the real hero, one that we didn’t ask for, but were lucky enough to get.

Written by Vlad A. G

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