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The wounds of the past are always painful, and the only thing that can treat them is time. But how long does it take for a wound to heal? Paul, a homeless man, is invited to serve a meal in an asylum for people with disabilities. Whilst there, he doesn’t feel right, and many awkward things happen between him and some of the residents. As he leaves the asylum, he feels sad and powerless… but soon enough he will gain all the power he needs.

Fabrice Chiambretto’s short deals with some very interesting point of views. First of all, the setting in a unit for people with disabilities is quite new for us, and we’re glad to see one courageous director to take the story to another level. We know very little about these people, as most of us unfortunately turn our heads in the other direction when it comes to people with disabilities. Chiambretto, on the other hand, managed to take this matter recklessly and make it accessible to everyone.


Second of all, the ‘revenge’ part of this short movie is surprising as it is not what we were hoping to see. Honestly, at first, we thought it would go on the crazy lane just like the Joker did in ‘The Dark Knight’. When we saw the somehow reversed perspective it was a pleasant surprise! The ‘revenge’ director Fabrice Chiambretto suggests is cruel in these conditions…although, from a narrative point of view, this approach is innovative, and reminded us a little bit of the craziness of Charles Bukowski. Some scenes are extremely spectacular, including the ending that is made to touch your soul with great ease. Paul is the symbol of ultimate sacrifice, the man who is willing to lose everything in order to gain everything. It is hard to take such a big decision, but he did it, and one way or another, he won. 


‘Hallowed’ is a movie like nothing you have seen before!

Written by Vlad A. G

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