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Camille Blundell's short film, "Hey there!", follows the story of Rosemary (played by Olivia Vindiola), a young girl who is very popular in her school and is followed by one of her colleagues who has developed an almost sick obsession with her. He knows everything about her, everything she does, everything she likes and dislikes, and is like a shadow that never leaves her side. The stalker is named Jack (played by Andrew Maskoff), and we can hear his frustration whenever he talks about not being good enough for Rosemary to notice him.

Blundell's film points out a significant issue that almost all of us deal with at some point in our lives - obsession. It often happens to see young boys obsessing over girls who are older than they are, and this cannot be stopped because they mostly don't care about what others are telling them regarding this issue. They want one thing, and sometimes, it gets messy. We are glad Blundell put a story like this one in the film because we don't recall having seen so many short films on this subject. Her point of view is well-documented and presented, pointing out the exaggerations of youth where consequences seem non-existent. 


"Hey there!" combines many cinematic styles to create the perfect blend this story requires. We could not believe it when we read that Blundell was only fourteen years of age because her talent made us think that we were dealing with a genuine professional filmmaker who had worked for a long time in this business. The story stands out perfectly, being coherent and comprehensive enough to deliver chills only through the power of suggestion. Based on what we have encountered lately, we think it's safe to say that this new generation coming our way is fantastic, using all the possibilities they have to get better every day.

Written by Vlad A. G

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