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Last year a movie that changed the rules of the game came out, and everything that appeared after it was seriously challenged. Many of the young directors tried to copy the style, and most of them failed, but Shane Miljevic didn’t: he did a great short that resembles very much the greatest superhero movie of all time (from our perspective). Yes, we are talking about ‘Deadpool’ and if you don’t like it, well, it is not our problem.


‘Hunter and Sons’ resembles ‘Deadpool’ in many ways. First of all, breaking the 4th barrier is one of the hardest things a director could do, and it might not look that way, but trust us, we’ve seen enough movies trying to use this technique and they failed big time. All we got after watching these kind of movies was a headache and a good old waste of time. This wasn’t the case with ‘Hunter and Sons’ – here, the main character does a great role, without having the regular ups and down, but only the ups. The main character is on a constant growth from the first second till the last one. Both the main character and the secondary female character are doing and amazing job, coping with a strange situation in the best way possible.

The script was exactly what some creepy / broken people like us would enjoy to read. In the description offered to us by the director, this short is presented as being a drama and comedy at the same time. We would go further and call it black comedy or an avant-garde comedy, and even a new wave satirical sadness, because you cannot possibly watch this movie without laughing. Yes, it is sad, but this kind of sadness is more than poetic, it is a meta-sadness that we can all agree with.

Even from his first movie, Shane Miljevic impressed us. We will definitely keep an eye on his work because we have the feeling he will amaze us again in the near future.

Written by Vlad A. G

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