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Jack is a middle aged man that goes out on a date with a woman he just met on the internet. They go to a restaurant where Jack feels followed by the judgmental eyes of a woman. The stare makes it very hard for him to concentrate to what the date is saying or doing. After this threat leaves the restaurant, the story goes on a normal path…or this is what we should acknowledge, because the depths of Jack's words are way darker than one can perceive, and in the end the viewer will realize the skeletons in his closet.

This short was good enough to please our taste – it had in equal parts drama and romance, and it thrilled us exactly when we expected less. One thing though that was really unfortunate for this short was the sound edit. We must admit that it was very hard for us at times to understand what the characters were saying and because of the “blackouts” we encountered in the dialogue it was quite difficult to put together the pieces of the puzzle and see the whole picture in a clear way. We managed to do so, but after we watched the short for the second time.

The story is nice, but becomes quite predictable at some point. It grows in a romantic manner, and the plot twist is inevitable. If the plot twist wasn’t there, the whole short would have been in vain. The two main actors – Bill Brock and Kera O’Bryon- are doing a really great job in portraying the middle aged persons with flaws and still believing that love may appear at some point. From our point of view, ‘I’ll Have Another…’ is a piece of cinema one should not miss; we say that because it is more than a simple movie, it is a life lesson that all of us should learn at some point in our life… better do it sooner!

Written by Vlad A. G

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