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‘In the end’ is a music video that goes on a retro rage and becomes the dream of the golden era enthusiasts. Lenylson Luan was inspired by famous music videos from that period, and in order to bring back waves of nostalgia, he combined them in the best way possible. From Michael Jackson to glam rock music videos, the influences are blended in the most surprising music video of this edition.

To fully understand the potential of ‘In the end’ we have to analyze the two main spectrums – visual and audio. The song is definitely fresh, with beats that are from this day and age. The hip-hop vibe delivers waves of new-age vibes. What is interesting in ‘In the end’ is the vocal auto-tune effect that sparks over the instrumental parts the same way in which the visual effects are giving a new side to the visual spectrum. In the scene where the young ones are standing at the table, chatting, the vocal effect blends impeccably with the visual effect of dizziness. The whole part is a bridge between two key moments in the song and the clip, and are tied extremely well.

The video per se wants to be retro with a twist, and it manages to fit in this grid. The first scene where the young man gets out of the car in a dark night, with smoke covering the scene, near a house that seems all but normal, is a subtle reference to the eighties horror films that were made to scare you through setting and mood, and not through explicit depictions of the horrific. The atmosphere mattered more than anything else did, and here is the same case. The dark night, the mournful soundtrack amplifies the perpetual fear that comes from the shadows.

Overall, ‘In the end’ is a very skillfully done experiment that shines bright like a diamond in this neutral market that does not take risks anymore.

Written by Sebastian Rodriguez

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