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Love works in mysterious ways - this should be the simplified logline of ‘In the Midst of Love’. A woman is happily in love but her heart finds new and unknown pleasures when she meets another man who triggers all of her emotions in ways she never could have seen possible. A love triangle that will change the lives of three people for good, a series of unfortunate events that are finding closure in the end.

William Sung stands out by having the perfect blend of soundtrack and story, reaching deep inside the viewer’s heart, and making everyone feel the story as his or her own. The score is another strong suit of this film – when Su sings in the café, her performance is one for the history books as it is filled with pure and raw emotions that are hard not to feel. What we love about ‘In the Midst of Love’ is that everything seems natural and genuine. The love that we can see in motion is built over the love that runs deep inside and has no chance of being exposed anytime soon.

Su Hu plays the role of the loved woman who has to make a choice in order to find her happy place. She stands out by being theatrical when needed, sparkling in mid-story and shining like a star in the end. Her role is the essential balance between crazy and sane, between happiness and sadness, between good, and bad. The story is rather short, but it comprises a whole universe in less than ten minutes, a universe where the only law is the law of love and life, which, as we know it, has different meanings.

William Sung’s short is special as for the most part it has a certain vibe of authenticity that is hard to find in today’s world, a vibe that will transpose the viewer in another cinematic dimension.

Written by Vlad A.G

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