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Ruth and Dave Watts embark on a journey trying to see if there is more to life than we usually see. Most of the times we are too caught up in our existence to see the beauty of the outside world, and running into our own hamster wheel is suffocating us, we are lacking energy, we are unable to have a full perspective of our being, and the worst thing is that most of the times we are too afraid to get out of our comfort zone and see the surroundings; we think that, if we leave our regular life, it will be really hard to rejoin it after a period of time…well, what the Watts family does is to teach us that life is indeed more than meets the eye.

Dave Watts' documentary is for the viewer the peephole through which one can see the outside world with all the beauty gathered in one perfect place. Our world is not what we see in the news – catastrophes, bad people and all in all, a dangerous place to be. This world is unveiling all of its beauty in front of us, and we should not be afraid to take the leap. Dave and Ruth Watts are showing us that there is beauty even in the worst possible situations, reason why we should be aware of it.


Taking a break from your own life for forty days is pleasant but difficult, as you have no idea what life has prepared for you in this journey. As it turns out, it is more optimistic that we tend to believe. We see bright faces and bright and untainted minds, and this is what this trip is all about – foregrounding the beauty within our prejudices. This short documentary presents one of the most powerful motivational stories we have seen so far, and it is even more than this – it is a life lesson for every one of us, pointing out that you do not have to be an ultimate explorer to want to escape from your own self-created safe space.

A creative documentary from start to finish!

Written by Vlad A. G

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