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When they wrote ‘And the hippos were boiled in their tanks’, William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac had no idea what great impact it will have on future generations, more that they wrote it in the 1940’s, and the book got published in 2008. This gap through generations kept the mystery and the flavor of the book untouched, making it a true statement of a generation that revolutionized literature as we know it. Even though it wasn’t published as it was written, this book remains a milestone in the evolution of the beat movement. ‘Jenny Secoma in: The Blind Spot” has the same artistic feeling as the book we’ve referred to earlier; as Burroughs and Kerouac described a world under the great influence of the World War II, a world in which living for the next day was the supreme value, ‘Jenny Secoma’ foregrounds a world in which the exorcist has not enough jobs, struggles with everyday problems, coping with paranoia and illusive threats.

The vintage feel of the short made us want more, and we would be eager to see more movies like this one in the near future. We consider that it is important to explore all the possibilities cinematography has to offer, and this short in particular comes with a fresh vibe, along with an old-school camera work with a hundred percent rate of  keeping the viewers captivated. The main character, Jenny Secoma (played by Niamh O’Connor) has the capacity to make you fall in love with the movie, to come out of the screen, reach for your heart and put it in a pinball machine, then play with it during the whole duration of the film. Working with demons and inner demons is never easy, but Jack Warner showed us it is indeed manageable. If you understand this film then you will have no problem understanding your inner demons!   

Written by Vlad A. G

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