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Margo (played by Poonam Basu) goes to a remote cabin with her husband, sister, and her sister's husband to celebrate the holidays. They engage in different discussion topics until things heat up, and the sisters fight. Everything calms down shortly after, but this is just the beginning. At night, Margo and her husband see a very odd creature in front of the building, and she asks her husband to go out and see what is happening. It turns out that the beast is a man in a snowman costume who kills Margo's husband in three simple moves, leaving her alone inside the house. The whole story adds up, and the evil has familiar eyes. Being pregnant, Margo has to fight not just for herself but for two.

This short reminds us of 'Kill Bill' for its story and the main character. Margo is portrayed as a fearless woman who will do anything to protect her unborn baby, even if it implies killing people. Nothing will stop her, and this is a powerful drive to have. When she sees her husband dying, she understands that all the responsibility is in her own hands, and she needs to do everything possible to live to see another day. Basu plays a fantastic role in this short, portraying the ultimate warrior with no limits when life calls for it. The script is impeccable, and we missed watching a horror film that comes with such different surprises whenever you least expect them. Sean Cruser identified the elements that were lacking in other similar movies and resurrected a style that many believed had become obsolete.


'Jingle Hell' is a great watch and a great scare! It certainly ranks among the top horror shorts we've seen recently.

Written by Vlad A. G

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