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Everyone aspires to do what's morally right, even though doing so often demands significant time and effort. In the case of Katie and Jack, their pursuit of what's right aligns when Jack discovers Katie unconscious near a secluded rock on an island. Katie has managed to break free from a clandestine government facility and is now attempting to find her way back home. However, achieving this goal necessitates maintaining a discreet presence and evading detection at all costs. Jack, contending with his own personal struggles, is firm in his determination to assist Katie in reuniting with her family, regardless of the challenges involved.


In 'Just a Girl' by Kieran Freemantle, the exploration of the human psyche and its interplay with the natural environment takes center stage. This short film captivates viewers with its breathtaking filming locations, which rank among the finest we've witnessed lately. These tranquil settings release a profound beauty in their silence, coming to life whenever the wind graces them. The scenery plays an instrumental role in shaping the overall atmosphere of the script, enabling us to grasp the profound beauty embedded within the characters' internal conflicts.

In Katie, Jack discovers a means to confront his depression and inner turmoil, fostering a reciprocal exchange of support. The ability to redirect his focus away from his personal challenges is precisely the remedy he requires in his life. To gain deeper insight into their journey, we must immerse ourselves in the profound silence that fills the film whenever words remain unspoken.

The concluding scene of the film unifies the entire narrative, offering a renewed sense of hope to those who may have lost their way and are earnestly seeking a path forward. 'Just a Girl' is a deepfelt film poised to inspire anyone who is searching for a reason to move forward but may be lacking the necessary motivation to do so.

Written by Vlad A. G

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