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We started watching ‘Kissy Cousins Monster Babies and Morphing Elvis’ and we were instantly sent back to the ’90s. There aren't many movies nowadays that can send the same classic and pure vintage vibe we had whilst watching ‘Kissy Cousins’. As the beginning of the short rolls, you can see the birth of grunge somewhere in the back. The rap music makes sense again, the poetry in the verse in dense, the clothing is ridiculous again, and the VCR effect is all over the place. Basically, the whole 90’s experience blooms right after the first thirty seconds of it.

The two main characters played by David Belafonte and Stephen Kearney are doing justice to this short as they both are hilariously funny and oddly crazy... at the same time. There is nothing you can anticipate relating these two as they make all the ride fun. Their unique way of working on a new movie that could possibly save their career is amusing, yet true, as we cannot imagine working on a movie without any fun involved in the process.

You'll notice that the vintage shots look genuine, but that's because the movie was initially filmed back in the ’90s. We weren’t joking at the beginning when we talked about the vintage vibe, because this is what Wayne Keeley's movie wants to send to the viewer. Though a great part of ‘Kissy Cousins’ was filmed in the ’90s, the references are still truly amazing in today’s world. It’s like opening a box of toys you put in the attic when you were a kid, and now, as an adult discovering the box all of those memories are brought back. ‘Kissy Cousins Monster Babies and Morphing Elvis’ is the kind of toy you find after a long period of time of boring and repetitive life events. It is the ideal thing to appear in your life to refresh your perception buds.

Written by Vlad A. G

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