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’Last Conversation’ is the kind of film that will easily split the audience into two sides – one that will think what the girl did was ok, and one that will think she is a total maniac. We won’t take sides here, only because we don’t want to poke this hornets’ nest in any way. We’ve been sincere before in picking sides and it wasn’t good.


Let’s dive in: a woman is waiting for her boyfriend in a diner. She seems scared, with a lot on her mind, just as if she received bad news. When her boyfriend arrives, she tries to find a way to tell him a secret that made her insecure, as it looks from her actions. The "explosion" is produced right after she breaks it up to him, and then the narrative goes south for both of them.

From the cinematic point of view, the story is sad, and Karolina Łachmacka made the best out of a simple situation that wasn’t predicting anything in particular. A normal conversation between two partners becomes the iceberg that sinks their relationship like the Titanic. Many people might accuse her of being insensitive for doing what she did, but she knows how to try to protect herself, in some way. Her method, as bitter as you may find it, is efficient in today’s world when you have no time to spear in finding what you really need. His reaction was, of course, bad, irrational and hasty, but as we all know, most of the times the first reaction is the truthful one.


The ending scene with the woman walking all by herself is quite inspiring, and for us, it seemed like a glance on a new beginning. It was hard, but good things are waiting around the corner! 

Written by Vlad A. G

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