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'Letting Go' may seem like a short movie that is not worth the effort. At first, it looks tricky – a little bit shaky subject and the dialogue may be naïve. But, as the movie goes by, one may find a very intense and powerful journey through that moment when the present meets the past in a very uncommon situation.

Jack Tracy’s short is part of a series called 'History', and even though we weren’t that lucky to watch all the episodes, this one stands for itself. The plot is quite simple: two ex lovers, Jamie and Jared, end up in the same train. Jamie feels uncomfortable with this issue and tries to get advice from his friends on how to deal with this situation. Even though it may seem a little bit kitschy, this whole story is actually a very profound one and it really shows how one can deal with strange situations in a post-ironic way.

What we really enjoyed in this short was the dialogue. Based on this matter, the dialogue is pure and natural, so nothing artificial about it. Friends are always there for you, and here not only they are offering support, but they are also being rational about everything and they are helping Jamie deal with this issue in a mature and positive way.

The cinematography and the score are good and adequate for this subject. For sure, if it wasn’t part of a series, we would have said that 'Letting Go' deserves a feature coverage.

The dialogue is the key point of this short. Not very often we have the occasion to encounter such a vast and well written plot, and frankly, this is all that we can care about right now.

Jack Tracy really made us very interested in this whole 'History' project, and we hope he will not stop here. After all, why would he? If the other shorts are as good as this one, we have no doubt he will provide us with many other remarkable works.

Written by Vlad A. G

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