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What is the last thing you see before you die? The answer to this question is answered by Race Matias in his true one of a kind movie, 'Like Father, Like Son'. The movie tells the story of a son who reunites with his father after a long period of time, and they talk about life, in particular. But the real story is not the one that meets the eye, it is the one that lays in the back of the mind of the viewer.

First thing we’ve noticed in 'Like Father, Like Son' was the score. Truth be told, the dramatic effect would have been close to zero without this soundtrack. The power of the audio specter in this short covers up to fifty percent of the feeling of the movie, and this is not something you see very often. Also, the gray filter applied to the visual specter turns this short film into a whole experience of all the human feelings.

One thing we really enjoyed in this short was the cast and the acting. The story was not that easy to play, but the cast bloomed in these roles. The son’s way of “checking out” reminded us of the Russian poet Sergey Yesenin, who cut his veins in a hotel room, and with the blood dripping down his hands, wrote his last poem on the wall. In this short, the ending is not that dramatic, but the feeling is the same. The father–son conflict resembles very much the conflict Franz Kafka had with his father; in fact, the whole father figure is a kafkesque depiction into modern times.

It is hard to understand what Race Matias wanted this movie to be, but, based on the final form, it is a combination of literature’s finest insertions, amazing music and impeccable cinematography.

Written by Vlad A. G

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