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There is no doubt that we live in a disturbed world and that we have to protect our kids from perceiving it as it is from a young age. It is the kind of censorship that would come in handy in some years when our kids will be old enough to realize things on their own and not be influenced by some repressed memories from their youth. ‘Lilac’ the short movie which is the pilot of a series was made to give our kids a role model, a superhero that deals with villains in a normal and moral way.

Lilac is the main character of the short: a homeless ten-year-old girl that wants to be the Robin Hood of her generation… the hero we really deserve. In the cover letter, Hank Isaac clearly specifies that: “I was looking for a way to stop the killing. So I crafted “Lilac” as a way to respond to the alarming increase in violence being perpetrated by children upon other children. Be it random school shootings or incessant bullying, its proliferation is disturbing.” and this is what Lilac does – the dialogue of this short is very well created and one can easily see how any extreme violent matter is taken out of context. When Lilac keeps the man at gunpoint, she repeatedly says that she would not kill him; even later in the short, when she is crafting the arrows for the bow, she refuses to have the killing tip for her arrows.

With good cinematography, dialogue, editing and acting, 'Lilac' has made a very good impression on us, especially that the kid actress did an amazing role. We could go as far as saying that this is one of the best series pilots we’ve had the chance to see so far. However, there is something that was quite wrong in our opinion – and might be perceived wrong by some audiences - and that is the scene where the kids were sharing a cigarette. If this pilot wanted to promote a good example, the cigarette part is slightly redundant… but it is the director’s choice and we will not interfere there. Anyway, as we see it right now, ‘Lilac’ will certainly be a smash! We guarantee it!

Written by Vlad A. G

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