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‘Littoral’ is the kind of film you watch to take notes on how to do a good and cool atmospheric movie, where the inner soul pressure fluctuates as the narrative evolves. For us it was an interesting approach, as we were prepared for something totally different, based on the movie description. From the first shot we knew this movie is going to be different, but we never guessed it would go to be so inspirational.

We were deeply impressed by the camera work in some brief shots, where Kiarash Motarjemi proved he is a great talent, and his vision is way more than meets the eye. The shore is the real main character of the short, being the core of the narrative, the place from where people left, and came back to find it as their last chance of redemption. The score was neat, emphasizing the dramatic background of the story. The scene near the end where the man finds a bottle of water on the ground, and makes a circle and puts himself in the middle is one good example where the score spoke more than words could ever do. Also, the symbolism of that scene is pretty profound, and to be fair, this short as it is, packs more symbolic elements than most of the movies we’ve watched lately. Almost every scene has multiple keys of interpretation, and this is the real challenge – to find the right answers to questions that may seem easy to answer, but they hide a message one can miss by not being completely focused on the narrative.

Based on our theory of symbols in this short, the understanding may go two ways – either you get it, or not. It is quite simple. We tried our best to fully get this short, and as it seems, we got the message; now it’s your turn to go through a mind spinner short that will definitely open the gates of your imagination.

Written by Vlad A. G

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