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It’s hard to be different, to wake up one day and realize that you want to be another version of you, that nothing you knew before is true about you. It’s hard to wake up and feel left alone, to feel like an outsider, a pariah, but as we all know any great adventure starts with the first step, and it’s a well-known fact that some people will be against this and will try to do what they think it’s right, not what is normal to do.


‘Love Ghost 24-7’ is a short clip dealing with a problem that is way more visible nowadays in public schools around the world than it should be. Bullying, and more precisely gender bullying, which is hard to understand and cope with. The song in this music video reminded us of one band that released a self-titled album and then disappeared – ‘fail better, heal faster’ – an American emo-rock band that delivered one of the most sincere and powerful albums about bullying and past mistakes. In most of the songs, the singer, Lou Diamond feels unhappy with what he is and permanently wants to change something about him. Just as the character in this music video does.

‘Love Ghost 24-7’ is brutal in a passive-aggressive way. Nothing good can come up from this kind of attitude, and Alexandra Hohner, through her project, raises awareness about an important topic that is sometimes neglected. The song per se has quite an uplifting beat, and it makes you feel that this problem can be overcome by being stronger than the wave of hatred coming towards you, and only by empowering yourself you can take down this oppressive force.

Written by Vlad A. G

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